Songs From Beyond The Grave, The Mystery of Rosemary Brown - Episode 9

February 7, 2018

Rosemary Brown was a woman who claimed to receive music from the spirits of the greatest composers throughout history.  Many people believed her, and many thought she was lying.  Come with us this week as we go beyond the grave and see if Rosemary was a talented, manipulative musician or the real deal. 


The Drowning of Brian Jones - Episode 8

January 25, 2018

Brian Jones was found dead in his swimming pool at the age of 27.  While generally considered an accident, there are conflicting theories that say it may not be that cut and dry.  This week we take a look at the circumstances surrounding his drowning. 


The Sid and Nancy Saga - Episode 7

January 10, 2018

Well ... I guess we had to do it at some point and now is as good a time as any.  This week we take on what is probably the most talked about crime in music history.  We add our thoughts on this already confusing crime into the decades long discussion. 


The Death of Robert Johnson - Episode 6

December 31, 2017

Did he sell his soul at the Crossroads? We don't know... but one thing is for sure - he died under unusual circumstances.  Take a trip down to the Mississippi Delta as we get to the bottom of this.


The Hip Hop Illuminati - Episode 5

December 5, 2017

Has a secret society that controls - government, religion, finance, the military, that little clock on your microwave- been behind the massively popular music known as hip hop?  We turn the Info Wars up to 11 and take a double dose of Brain Force Plus to get to the bottom of this. 


The Death of Albert Ayler - Episode 4

November 23, 2017

Albert Ayler's death was as befuddling as the music he played - chaotic, enigmatic and full of questions.  This week we dive into the saxophonist's life and last days and end up with as many questions as answers. 


The Death of Bobby Fuller - Episode 3

November 7, 2017

The death of Bobby Fuller, rockstar from the 60's, has perplexed people till the present day.  The cast of characters and unusual circumstances cause people to continue looking into it after all these years. 


Mystery of The Grateful Doe - Episode 2

October 29, 2017

Nobody said following around the Grateful Dead was easy, but on this week's episode, it turns deadly.


The Death of Jim Morrison - Episode 1

October 28, 2017

In this episode we discuss the mysterious death of Jim Morrison.  We try to get to the bottom of that evening in Paris when Jim Morrison was found in a bathtub in his girlfriend's apartment.